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......@@ -6,26 +6,36 @@ fips_config - OpenSSL FIPS configuration
A separate configuration file containing data related to FIPS 'self tests' is
written to during installation time.
This data is used for 2 purposes when the fips module is loaded:
A separate configuration file, using the OpenSSL L<config(5)> syntax,
is used to hold information about the FIPS module. This includes a digest
of the shared library file, and status about the self-testing.
This data is used automatically by the module itself for two
=over 4
=item - Verify the module's checksum each time the fips module loads.
=item - Run the startup FIPS self-test known answer tests (KATS).
=item - Run the startup FIPS self test KATS (known answer tests).
This only needs to be run once during installation.
This is done once, at installation time.
=item - Verify the module's checksum.
This is done each time the module is used.
The supported options are:
This file is generated by the L<openssl-fipsinstall(1)> program, and
used internally by the FIPS module during its initialization.
The following options are supported. They should all appear in a section
whose name is identified by the B<fips> option in the B<providers>
section, as desribed in L<config(5)/Provider Configuration Module>.
=over 4
=item B<module-checksum>
The calculated MAC of the module file
The calculated digest of the module file.
=item B<install-version>
......@@ -33,23 +43,23 @@ A version number for the fips install process. Should be 1.
=item B<install-status>
The install status indicator description that will be verified.
If this field is not present the FIPS self tests will run when the fips module
This value should only be written to after the FIPS module has
An indicator that the self-tests were run.
This should only be written after the module has
successfully passed its self tests during installation.
If this field is not present, then the self tests will run when the module
=item B<install-checksum>
The calculated MAC of the install status indicator.
It is initially empty and is written to at the same time as the install_status.
A MAC on the value of the B<install-status> option, to prevent accidental
changes to that value.
It is written-to at the same time as B<install-status> is updated.
For example:
install-version = 1
module-checksum = 41:D0:FA:C2:5D:41:75:CD:7D:C3:90:55:6F:A4:DC
install-checksum = FE:10:13:5A:D3:B4:C7:82:1B:1E:17:4C:AC:84:0C
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