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Merge pull request #162 from tedcook94/patch-1

Add subdomain config for official Seafile image
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# For use with the official Seafile Docker image (https://download.seafile.com/published/seafile-manual/docker/deploy%20seafile%20with%20docker.md)
# Requires that the seafile container uses the following env variables:
# SEAFILE_SERVER_HOSTNAME=seafile.yourdomain.com
# Restart or create the seafile container after enabling this subdomain and restarting the letsencrypt contianer
server {
listen 443 ssl;
listen [::]:443 ssl;
server_name seafile.*;
include /config/nginx/ssl.conf;
client_max_body_size 0;
location / {
include /config/nginx/proxy.conf;
resolver valid=30s;
set $upstream_app seafile;
set $upstream_port 443;
set $upstream_proto https;
proxy_pass $upstream_proto://$upstream_app:$upstream_port;
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